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Fort Lauderdale biological dentist discusses what to expect with healthy root canal treatment

Root Canal therapy from dentist in Fort Lauderdale

As a biological dentist, Dr. Yolanda Cintron and her team at Go Natural Dentistry always emphasize keeping your mouth healthy and free of the infection that leads to the need for restorative procedures. If teeth become infected, only the healthiest options are recommended. In our Fort Lauderdale FL practice, teeth with infected root canals may be extracted as a long-term way to restore or maintain oral and overall health. This approach represents a departure from conventional root canal therapy offered by dentists who don’t practice biological or holistic dentistry. ROOT CANALS – WHAT TO EXPECT Root canals are synonymous with … Continue reading

Holistic dentist addresses how decaying teeth can affect the body in the Fort Lauderdale area

how decaying teeth can affect the body in the Fort Lauderdale area

One of the primary differences between a holistic dentist and a general dentist is the consideration given to whole body health as it pertains to oral health. Anatomically speaking, a cavity is a very small problem. One may wonder how decaying teeth can affect the entire body. Fort Lauderdale holistic dentist Dr. Yolanda Cintron is happy to explain the vast impact the mouth has on the body. The mouth is more than the entry point of food and the center of communication. It is an area of the body situated near the immune system, the endocrine system, and the central … Continue reading

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