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A Local Dentist Educates Patients on The Progressing Stages of Periodontal Disease

Treatment for Periodontal Disease in Lauderdale FL Area

Without treatment, periodontal disease (also called gum disease) can negatively affect dental health. You could lose teeth when gum disease is allowed to wreak havoc to the supporting structures which hold your teeth in place. Patients who suffer from gum disease see Dr. Yolanda Cintron and the team at Go Natural Dentistry. Stages of Gum Disease Gum disease happens when bacteria in your mouth, along the gum line, causes your gums to become inflamed. This inflammation, if allowed to progress, can affect your bone structure which supports your teeth. Gum disease is caused by the bacteria present in plaque build-up. … Continue reading

How Fort Lauderdale patients can reduce the risk of periodontal disease

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Imagine you were washing your hair and noticed blood coming from your scalp. Would you be alarmed? Would you see a doctor? Of course, you would! Yet., you might nor be concerned if you notice gums bleeding when you brush your teeth. Many people assume it is normal, or not a big deal. In reality, it is a sign of periodontal disease, a highly preventable yet surprisingly common oral health condition. Go Natural Dentistry in Fort Lauderdale offers a variety of healthy, minimally invasive treatment options, including deep cleaning and laser therapy. We are also strong advocates of preventive care … Continue reading

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