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Why you should choose non-metal zirconia teeth implants at Fort Lauderdale, FL biological practice

Metal Zirconia Teeth Implants at Fort Lauderdale, Fl Area

As the seventh-largest metro area in the country, there are some 2,000 dentists to choose from for dental implants in Greater Miami; however, not all of these dentists are equipped to offer a truly biocompatible and aesthetically-pleasing solution for your tooth replacement needs. Dr. Yolanda Cintron is a biological dentist, which means that she offers metal-free alternatives to the limited options available at other dentists’ offices in southeast Florida. Notably, Dr. Cintron is also trained and experienced in preparing and placing non-metal zirconia teeth implants at the Fort Lauderdale FL office of Go Natural Dentistry. Many other dentists in and … Continue reading

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