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Patient testimonial: How holistic dental treatments in Fort Lauderdale boosted this bride’s smile

Dental Treatments in Fort Lauderdale area

A single patient testimonial speaks volumes about the level of care and the dramatic effect dental treatments in Fort Lauderdale, FL at Go Natural Dentistry can have on the quality of each person’s life. In Patricia’s case, the newlywed arrived at Dr. Yolanda Cintron and the holistic care team’s office after numerous complex treatments at other dentist’s offices. She wasn’t happy with the results and sought out a fantastic, cosmetic solution. Dr. Cintron completed a full evaluation of Patricia’s current situation and answered all of her questions clearly and frankly. Patricia moved forward in full confidence that the treatments at … Continue reading

Removal of mercury fillings, Fort Lauderdale holistic practice a perfect match for this happy patient

Removal of Mercury Fillings in Fort Lauderdale area

Through the years, Dr. Yolanda Cintron and her team have shared many special occasions with the patients who frequently tell them that they feel like an extended part of the Go Natural Dentistry family. In Chanda’s case, she and her husband of just a few hours visited Dr. Cintron after exchanging nuptials at the courthouse. Chanda’s concerns over her mercury-based fillings could no longer wait. Like her husband, Paul, Chanda said the visit with Dr. Cintron ended up being a “match made in heaven.” Chanda knew Dr. Cintron was an authority in the field and, moreover, was committed to the … Continue reading

Why Fort Lauderdale holistic dentist urges extraction of infected root canal treated tooth – a patient’s story

Infected Root Canal and Tooth Extraction in Fort Lauderdale area

If you’re a patient of Go Natural Dentistry who isn’t familiar with the tooth meridian chart, you soon will be! Dr. Yolanda Cintron and her team know that every organ and body part is linked to a specific tooth or oral structure via “energy highways,” known as meridians. Each tooth is assigned a number and each numbered tooth is assigned organs, glands, joints, and other medical relationships (or symptoms) that are associated with them. It was the No. 13 tooth that ended up plaguing Pastor Smith for 16 years.  The Miami-based pastor’s health journey included a persistently infected root canal … Continue reading

What is it like to get mercury removed? A Fort Lauderdale dental patient shares her experience

Patient Experience in Fort Lauderdale area

Patients at Go Natural Dentistry don’t just want their mercury fillings out. They want them removed in the right way. A member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, Dr. Yolanda Cintron and her staff are trained on the SMART (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique) protocol to safely remove mercury-based fillings. When patients partner with Dr. Cintron to have mercury removed from their mouths, there is peace of mind that the processes used minimize their exposure to this toxic element and are gentle. So, the patient experience in Fort Lauderdale FL at Dr. Cintron’s office is a pleasant … Continue reading

Dental wellness and how it affects your general health, explained by your holistic dentist in Fort Lauderdale

Dental Wellness in Fort Lauderdale area

Go Natural Dentistry often hears from patients who have had their lives transformed, even saved, by holistic approaches and alternatives to conventional “drill and fill” dental procedures. Even doctors like “J.H.” are surprised by the impact traditional dental treatments have had on their systemic health and well-being. Even as a physician or someone in the medical field, you may be aware of the importance of “dental wellness” in Fort Lauderdale, FL at forward-thinking practices like Go Natural Dentistry. But it’s not until you have a close-call or discover the extent of damage caused by previous dental treatments elsewhere that mouth … Continue reading

“My dentist saved my life” – A Fort Lauderdale holistic dental practice patient’s story

In Fort Lauderdale Patient's Story

When patients visit Go Natural Dentistry, they’re often in search of transforming their lives – not just their smiles. Dr. Yolanda Cintron and the team get great satisfaction from hearing from patients like Rae. In this Fort Lauderdale patient’s story, Rae is not exaggerating when she says, “My dentist saved my life.” Rae initially benefited from Dr. Cintron’s traditional and non-traditional approaches to care as a holistic dental practice. Plasma Rich Growth Factors (PRGF) were used to promote healing in a natural manner, using Rae’s own blood, and for both extraction of an upper left molar and during the placement … Continue reading

Fort Lauderdale, FL dental patient describes their story

Patient Dental Story in Fort Lauderdale area

Dr. Yolanda Cintron, dentist of Go Natural Dentistry in Fort Lauderdale, FL, is a biological dentist who takes a holistic approach to treating her patients. By paying close attention to new and developing research, Dr. Yolanda Cintron has been able to assist patients with a wide range of dental concerns. Many patients will share their story with potential patients of Go Natural Dentistry. For many patients, their dental story involves sickness and health issues that were diagnosed with no known cause. One patient, Elizabeth Botta Brandes, started visiting the team at Go Natural Dentistry after she had been diagnosed with … Continue reading

Educate yourself on how to keep a healthy mouth with our Fort Lauderdale, FL professional

Educate Yourself on How to Keep a Healthy Mouth in Fort Lauderdale area

At Go Natural Dentistry, patients of the Fort Lauderdale, FL area have ways to educate themselves on how to keep their mouth healthy. Also, with proper dental care, patients will notice a vast improvement in their body’s overall health and wellness. Many health problems can be caused by conventional dentistry, and now it is more important than ever to pay close attention to dental work being completed and determine how it can impact your body. Metal toxicity Many patients who have dental restorations such as titanium dental implants may want to speak to a holistic dentist about the biocompatibility of … Continue reading

How oral health affects Fort Lauderdale, FL patients’ overall body wellness

How Oral Health Affects Overall Body Wellness in Fort Lauderdale area

Patients in the area of Fort Lauderdale, FL who are interested in achieving beautiful, healthy smiles are encouraged to consider the oral systemic connection that links oral health, gut health, and overall health. Many patients are unaware of how oral health affects the wellness of their entire body. Overall health is more than just living an active lifestyle and eating a good diet with proper nutrition. One’s oral health can be linked together with one’s body through the oral systemic connection. Linking silver amalgam fillings to poor patient health Dr. Yolanda Cintron of Go Natural Dentistry is a biological dentist … Continue reading

Fort Lauderdale, FL dentist describes the perfect way to dental health and wellness

Perfect Way to Dental Wellness in Fort Lauderdale area

Dr. Yolanda Cintron of Fort Lauderdale, FL is a dentist who is committed to helping patients achieve better dental health and wellness. The perfect way to do so is to pay close attention to the dental work being completed by your dentist. Many dentists in the community still use treatments that are not biocompatible or holistic. This can, in turn, cause a variety of problems. Are root canals safe? One procedure that Dr. Yolanda Cintron will educate patients on avoiding is that of root canal therapy. This procedure is often done to address an infected tooth. However, this treatment can … Continue reading

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