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Fort Lauderdale, Florida dentist offers dental crowns for tooth repair

Dental crowns for tooth repair from dentist in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Dr. Yolanda Cintron of Fort Lauderdale, Florida helps patients with general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry. Her practice is equipped with the latest technologies and she is experienced in providing quality care with updated techniques. At Go Natural Dentistry, we provide restorative options including dental crowns.

Dental crowns explained

There are several situations that may arise in which a patient may need to restore a tooth with a dental crown. Crowns are ceramic restorations that are made as a “cap” to cover the exposed portion of a tooth. Situations that may require the placement of a dental crown include:

  • Large fillings that affect the strength of the tooth’s structure
  • Following root canals that may cause the teeth to become weak or brittle
  • Covering a dental implant to function as a tooth replacement
  • Fusing to false teeth called pontics to fabricate a dental bridge

These are common situations in which a patient may need a dental crown

The process

The process for a dental crown is streamlined with the help of a dental laboratory. The tooth that requires the dental crown will be prepared with the removal of enamel. This eliminates excess bulk when the crown is placed. Impressions are taken and sent to a laboratory where a ceramist fabricates the crown. Once bonded into place, the dental crown is known to last a decade or longer with proper care.

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At Go Natural Dentistry, we encourage our patients to learn about the benefits of dental crowns and other restorative solutions available in our state-of-the-art dental practice in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Patients are welcome to book an evaluation and consultation appointment by calling (855) 381-6001. Our practice is conveniently located at 2021 E. Commercial Boulevard, Ste 208 and is currently accepting new patients.
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  • Dentist Fort Lauderdale - Jamie
    Rating: 5 5 star rating

    My experience was
    nothing less than phenomenal
    “I just can’t recommend Dr. Cintron highly enough and I’m very, very blessed to call her my friend as well.”
    - Jamie
  • Rating: 5 Dentist Fort Lauderdale - 5 Star Review by Mark M.

    "I had 16 mercury fillings. Very toxic! I wanted them out, but I wanted them to be taken out right according to the IAOMT protocol. Dr Cintron removed all my mercury fillings and removed them with the right protocol. She is very gentle and I felt know pain. Her staff was amazing as well. Great Experience. The office is very professional and friendly. I would recommend this office to everyone I know."
    - Mark M.
  • Rating: 5 Dentist Fort Lauderdale - 5 Star Review by Maryann M.

    "From the first telephone inquiry to the time you leave the International Center for Dental Excellence, the experience is just that: excellent. Professional, courteous, friendly, well spoken, caring, non-condesending, patient, knowledgeable and well informed, high tech in a user friendly way, clean and hygienic, as well as very conscientious about patient's needs and comfort. Dental hygienist, Ellie, was the best. Dr Cintron is friendly and professional and very current in her field. I am thrilled to have found a holistic dentist who runs a top notch facility and has terrific staff all around."
    - Maryann M
  • Rating: 5 Dentist Fort Lauderdale - 5 Star Review by Branden H.

    "I’ve been going to Yolanda’s office for about 7 years now and used to walk out of other dentist offices bc I was so nervous...not here! The place feels more like a spa and the people are genuinely nice and really want to help you feel comfortable! Thank you guys! "
    - Branden H.
  • Rating: 5 Dentist Fort Lauderdale - 5 Star Review by A Google User

    "Best dentist ever . You won't dread going to the dentist anymore friendly atmosphere and the staff is great. Especially Dr.cintron. Results are like no other :)"
    - A Google User
  • Rating: 5 Dentist Fort Lauderdale - 5 Star Review by A Google User

    "I was a little anxious about going to the dentist after such a long time yet they explained the procedure to me, I did not feel pain, and the staff were very caring. The Dr. is highly knowledgeable and such a nice person. I finally found a Dentist I can trust and won't dread. Plus I can see results!"
    - A Google User
  • Rating: 5 Dentist Fort Lauderdale - 5 Star Review by A Google User

    "I have been so amazed by the quality of care Dr. Cintron and her team have given me. My visits to the dentist are no longer avoided instead now i look forward to them!"
    - A Google User

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