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Dentures replace missing teeth beautifully for Fort Lauderdale patients

replace missing teeth beautifully for Fort Lauderdale patients

Dentures are an ideal choice for patients in Fort Lauderdale who need to replace several or all teeth. Regardless of the type of partial or full denture recommended to you by Dr. Cintron, rest assured high-quality materials and advanced techniques result in teeth that last and a comfortable, pleasant experience.

Rethink dentures

You’ve probably heard complaints that dentures are uncomfortable, don’t look natural, or slide around. Full dentures typically rely on suction or dental adhesive for stability. Since conventional removable dentures sit on top of your gums, the jawbone doesn’t get the stimulation it needs to stay strong. Similar to how muscles atrophy, bone tissue can also be weakened over time because, when you don’t use it for functions such as chewing or biting, you lose it. Your ability to eat, speak, and perform other functions depends on it.

Your experience with dentures also depends on the materials used to make the dental appliance. Rigid, earlier-generation plastics are generally not as comfortable or as natural in appearance as advanced resins, which are flexible and better mimic natural gum tissue and teeth in form and function. In addition to better materials, today’s dentures may be held in place with implants. The idea is to rebuild the tooth from the root up. An experienced oral implantologist, Dr. Cintron trained with among the most acclaimed implantology, osteonecrosis, and oral surgery experts in the field. She places the implant into the jawbone to serve as your new tooth root. Eventually, the implant fuses with surrounding bone, creating a solid foundation for the denture. This design eliminates concerns over fit, bone loss, and the need to reline or readjust the dental appliance over time.

Dr. Cintron also offers:

  • Metal-free dentures, supported by Zirconia implants
  • Gentle, precise technologies for planning and treatment
  • Many sedation options

As a biological dentist, Dr. Cintron also performs biocompatibility blood tests before placing any dental materials. Not all patients qualify for Zirconia, so those who don’t have adverse reactions to titanium may be better-suited to this proven medical-grade metal. Rediscover dentures. Call (855) 381-6001.

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