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Nov 03
If you are 45 years old and have ever had a cavity, chances are that you were treated with amalgam fillings. Here is the thing, these fillings might be good at treating cavities, but they contain mercury — one of…
Sep 29
Dental amalgam has been used for over a century as a filling material for teeth that have cavities. While this material is effective as filling a tooth, it can be problematic for oral and systemic health in multiple ways. At…
Aug 28
As research advances and information about the effects of mercury have come to the forefront in recent years, patients have become more concerned about the negative effects that old amalgam fillings may be having on their bodies — and for…
Sep 28
For well over a century, dentists have repaired teeth with dental amalgam, a material developed as an alternative to gold fillings. At the time of development, there was little research to indicate potential problems with the substances contained in dental…