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Fort Lauderdale dentist discusses how cracked crowns & mercury toxicity may affect your health

Cracked Crowns & Mercury Toxicity Affects Your Health in Fort Lauderdale area

At Go Natural Dentistry in Fort Lauderdale, FL, we have had many patients come into our holistic dental office not because of a tooth problem, but because of another issue with their health that they believe might be tied to their oral health. That was the case with Jen Eccleston, a patient who came to our office after being diagnosed with breast cancer. At our practice, she learned how cracked crowns and mercury toxicity may affect your health – read on to learn more about her story and how she restored her health and wellbeing, in part through her biological dental care from Dr. Yolanda Cintron.

After her diagnosis, Jen had a lumpectomy and sought out natural and biological methods to heal her body. She had two mercury fillings that she was concerned about causing toxicity in her body and had also read about a possible link between root canals and breast cancer. Her doctor performed a full body thermography scan that showed a thin stream draining down from her neck into her right breast, and the doctor recommended that Jen see Dr. Cintron without delay.

Dr. Cintron performed a thorough evaluation and found that Jen had multiple issues that could be affecting her health and wellbeing, including cracked crowns that were enabling bacteria to infiltrate her tooth and infect down through her gums. In addition, her root canal treated tooth was severely infected, down to the bone.

After undergoing a comfortable treatment with sedation, Jen’s mercury fillings were safely removed, her infection was cleared, and the cracked crowns were gone with temporaries in place until her beautiful new restorations were ready. Post-treatment, Jen saw her lymphatic therapist, who could not believe the changes that she saw in Jen’s body! Jen believes that now that her body is not constantly fighting infection, her immune system will be able to finally do its job and would not entrust her dental care to anyone else.

If you are concerned about a health issue that you think may be caused by your oral health, call Go Natural Dentistry in Fort Lauderdale to schedule your consultation today. Our friendly and caring staff can be reached at (855) 381-6001.

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