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Q&A with Fort Lauderdale dentist on the role of dental health in dealing with chronic illness

Dealing with Chronic Illness in Fort Lauderdale area

Patients often have questions for our team at Go Natural Dentistry in Fort Lauderdale, FL about the role of dental health in overall health and wellness, particularly in the context of dealing with chronic illness. Dr. Yolanda Cintron, holistic dentist, answers some of our most asked questions below.

Q: Can resolving dental issues really help you heal from a chronic illness?

A: While Dr. Cintron is a dentist and cannot diagnose medical conditions, her patients and their doctors who have referred their patients to her believe that there is a link between dental health and overall health and wellbeing. The whole team at Go Natural Dentistry truly rejoices when a patient sees a change in their health for the better after receiving holistic dental treatment at our practice. Many medical and dental schools do not discuss the connection between your teeth, gums, and organs, such as the effects that gum disease can have on other parts of your body, but everything is truly interconnected, so it makes sense that healthy changes in one area, such as your teeth, may have a dramatic impact in other parts of the body.

Q: What types of chronic illnesses do patients who come to your practice have?

A: We see patients who suffer from a broad variety of diseases, but the most common are autoimmune diseases, lung disease, diabetes, and heart disease. There are several doctors in the area who understand the interconnectivity of the mouth and body, and these doctors have been referring their patients to us.

Q: If I want to take action towards improving my chronic illness, what should I do first?

A: For many patients, a deep cleaning of their teeth and gums is a good place to start. Many patients harbor infectious bacteria in their gums. In addition, rotting or dead teeth may be contributing to your health symptoms and we would suggest removing those to help clear the infection from your mouth. We also perform science-based testing to determine which materials may be incompatible with your system and can remove any restorations that include those materials and replace them with new restorations that are compatible with your unique body.

We are always happy to answer our patients’ questions, and welcome new patients to call us with their questions as well! Our Fort Lauderdale office can be reached at (855) 381-6001.

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