Holistic dentist addresses how decaying teeth can affect the body in the Fort Lauderdale area

how decaying teeth can affect the body in the Fort Lauderdale area

One of the primary differences between a holistic dentist and a general dentist is the consideration given to whole body health as it pertains to oral health. Anatomically speaking, a cavity is a very small problem. One may wonder how decaying teeth can affect the entire body. Fort Lauderdale holistic dentist Dr. Yolanda Cintron is happy to explain the vast impact the mouth has on the body.

The mouth is more than the entry point of food and the center of communication. It is an area of the body situated near the immune system, the endocrine system, and the central nervous system. In the mouth is also where the entire digestive process begins. The presence of tooth decay indicates that oral bacteria are not in balance and that “bad bugs” are posing an immediate threat to tooth structure.

How tooth structure relates to the body as a whole

Teeth are individual fixtures in the mouth. It may seem unlikely that a single tooth can impact another area of the body, but when energy medicine is understood, the impact of tooth decay becomes very clear. The role of physical energy at work in the body was mapped out thousands of years ago by Chinese physicians and scientists. Today, we call this map a meridian chart. The 14 distinct meridians in the body disperse life energy to every vital organ and every system, including the skeletal system, where the teeth are found. The flow of energy throughout the various meridian pathways is important to optimal health, just as is the flow of blood throughout our veins. If energy in a meridian is disturbed by trauma, infection, or disease, the system to which the meridian delivers energy is compromised.

Teeth and their meridians

Holistic dentists understand the link between the body and specific teeth. This understanding is so great that your holistic dentist can make the connection between your dental history and your health simply through the evaluation of physical symptoms and tracking the meridian of the affected area of the body. More and more, patients treated by holistic dentists are reporting the immediate improvement in health following appropriate restorative care that unblocks the flow of energy throughout a blocked meridian.

There are ways in which health can be guarded, with regular dental care from a holistic dentist coming in very near the top of the list. Dr. Yolanda is a holistic dentist with over 27 years of experience and thousands of happy patients.

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