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Natural looking dental implants

In dentistry, natural and attractive go together. You want a smile that looks like you, not like it was made for someone else’s features or proportions. For this reason, dental implants are frequently considered a beautiful choice for tooth replacement because the restorations are designed to look like natural, healthy teeth. The reason we’re able to confidently answer Yes! to the question of “Do dental implants look natural?” is rooted in how a dental implant in Fort Lauderdale and beyond is created.

Put simply, dental implants are artificial tooth roots. Like natural tooth roots, they are anchored in the jawbone to keep teeth in place. Following a minor surgery to place the implant, the bone will fuse to it. This healing process is called osseointegration, and after it happens, Dr. Cintron adds the part of the tooth everyone sees: the crown. Since your new tooth is connected to the jaw by way of the implant, you get stability that feels like the natural tooth.

Go Natural Dentistry’s focus on premium materials make a significant difference in how natural lab-made teeth appear and feel. While many dentists only use implants made from titanium, Dr. Cintron also offers non-metal implants made from a type of ceramic called Zirconia. This provides many advantages for our patients, including:

  • Unlike titanium that is silver-gray, Zirconia is designed to blend right in with the color of your surrounding natural teeth.
  • It prevents the cosmetic issues that arise with metal when patients get older. Those with thin or translucent gums may end up with r a very unnatural looking dark strip at the gum line due to the titanium peeking through at the crown’s margin.
  • Zirconia is non-metallic and white, so it offers a base color for the implant that closely mimics what nature intends.

Combined with Dr. Cintron’s use of quality materials and skilled ceramists in all restorations, you’ll be thrilled with how much your new teeth look like the real thing.

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