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Patient testimonial: How holistic dental treatments in Fort Lauderdale boosted this bride’s smile

Dental Treatments in Fort Lauderdale area

A single patient testimonial speaks volumes about the level of care and the dramatic effect dental treatments in Fort Lauderdale, FL at Go Natural Dentistry can have on the quality of each person’s life. In Patricia’s case, the newlywed arrived at Dr. Yolanda Cintron and the holistic care team’s office after numerous complex treatments at other dentist’s offices. She wasn’t happy with the results and sought out a fantastic, cosmetic solution. Dr. Cintron completed a full evaluation of Patricia’s current situation and answered all of her questions clearly and frankly. Patricia moved forward in full confidence that the treatments at Go Natural Dentistry were the right decision for her, and the outcomes from dental procedures finally exceeded her expectations.

Expect more from your dentist

Dr. Cintron and her team know that their patients have often been disappointed by conventional practices, and have the utmost respect for them. After all, these patients had the foresight to recognize that they deserved more from their dental practitioner than what they were getting. In many cases, they’ve been in chronic pain that could have been resolved years ago with straightforward treatments, such as the replacement of mercury-based fillings with cosmetic and safe ceramic ones, or the extraction of a root canal-treated tooth. The unhealthy “dead” tooth makes way for a beautiful, functional dental implant-supported crown made from biocompatible, non-metal zirconia (note: many dentists still use implants made from titanium).

As an authentically biological practice, Go Natural Dentistry can make over your smile and health status with any of the following treatments, either as a standalone procedure or an adjunct with other therapies:

  • Safe removal of amalgam fillings that contain mercury – Dr. Cintron feels it is not enough to be a “mercury-free” practice. She and her staff trained on the International Association of Oral Medicine and Toxicology’s SMART protocol. Onsite equipment and techniques combine to minimize your exposure to mercury vapors or particulates released during the removal process. It’s also a safe option for Go Natural Dentistry staff and the planet.
  • Plasma Rich Growth Factors, Piezotome Ultrasonic, and Laser Dentistry– These substances and tools promote better healing, a faster recovery, and fewer risks of complications such as bleeding or discomfort traditionally associated with oral procedures.
  • Conscious oral sedation – Medications are tailored to your needs to put you at ease. So, even those patients with previous negative experiences at other dental offices will feel comfortable and free of the fear that often stands in the way of the treatments they need to look and feel their best.

Dr. Cintron and her team can’t wait to enhance your life, a dental treatment at a time. Call (855) 381-6001 to experience better dentistry with holistic dentistry in Fort Lauderdale.

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