Patients explain their oral health challenges; now a dentist in Fort Lauderdale talks about her journey

Dentist Explain About Oral Health Journey in Fort Lauderdale area

With the knowledge that a single patient’s story can be more meaningful than 1,000 statistics, Go Natural Dentistry loves sharing its patients’ successes and their experiences at the office on this website. But it’s particularly impactful to hear a dentist explain about their oral health journey in Fort Lauderdale FL and elsewhere. Dentists, including Dr. Yolanda Cintron, are not immune to oral health challenges.

A model dental patient

For more than 30 years, Dr. Cintron has devoted every day to helping others through dentistry. To best serve others, she has made her health a priority. She “walks the walk,” getting her gums and teeth cleaned monthly, taking vitamins from “A” to “Z.” On top of that, Dr. Cintron has access to cutting-edge dental technologies and educational opportunities. So, she was in denial when an advanced scanner detected an abscess. She had no pain. No recent X-rays detected anything. There were no other symptoms. What Dr. Cintron had, though, was nagging pain in the left-back kidney. Sure enough, the organ was connected to the suspect tooth’s meridian line. The presence of an abscess was later confirmed by a new CT scan.

An action plan

After the disbelief subsided, Dr. Cintron knew there was ultimately only one thing to do: Remove the formerly hidden abscessed tooth. A true detoxification process could not begin without fully removing and resolving the infection. Dr. Cintron took the advice that she had given to so many patients through the years, which generally goes something like this:

  • Identifying and removing the “root cause”
  • Detoxifying the gut and intestines to restore, repair, and regenerate
  • Practicing self-love and use relaxation techniques, as persistent ailments are the result of many factors and don’t arise overnight
  • “Listening” to your body; it doesn’t lie
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Dr. Cintron was able to contain the bad infection and is able to continue to help others after putting her health first. She has seen patients fail to act, which has big consequences when the oral infection spreads to other parts of the body and, in some cases, requires emergency treatment at the hospital.

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