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The primary goal of dentistry is to provide patients with healthy teeth, which allow them to smile with confidence. Patients who are missing teeth due to disease, trauma, or extraction have the opportunity to repair their smiles in a way that looks beautiful and maintains proper function. Personalized attention from a practice such as Go Natural Dentistry is considered to be above the normal standard of care. In some cases, when teeth cannot be restored, dentures may be the restoration of choice.
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Dentures are used to help patients replace missing teeth. When patients are missing one or more teeth, they may consider a partial denture. In the instance that the entire arch of teeth is missing, full cosmetic dentures is an option to restore a patient’s smile.

Advances in dental technology, knowledge, and materials have revolutionized the science of dentures. They have come a long way over the years and no longer appear artificial and unattractive as in the past. By utilizing quality materials and custom design, Dr. Yolanda Cintron provides natural looking, beautiful dentures that are strong, functional and comfortable.

Many patients are concerned about dentures not being stable and remaining in place. When dentures are made, our patients are given quality dentures that are adjusted to fit the mouth properly along with the constant changes that happen in a patient’s mouth. Patients can also consider implant-supported dentures, which can provide optimum long term stability.

There are many solutions for tooth replacement, dental implants, and bridges. The holistic dental team at Go Natural Dentistry can work with individuals to find the best treatment option for you. An initial examination and consultation appointment with Dr. Yolanda Cintron is the first step towards a healthy smile. Contact us at (855) 381-6001 to schedule your next appointment; we look forward to seeing you.
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