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The link between oral and overall health and wellness explained by Fort Lauderdale, FL dentist

Oral and Overall Health Wellness in Fort Lauderdale Area

Most people know that taking good care of their teeth and gums is important for their oral health… but did you know that is also essential for total body health and well-being? At Go Natural Dentistry in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Dr. Yolanda Cintron and our entire team of dental professionals have a deep understanding of the intricate connection between oral health and your overall health and wellness. Every diagnosis and treatment we provide is designed with this connection in mind, from the use of biocompatible materials to therapies that help restore health and harmony to your teeth, gums, bone, and … Continue reading

Fort Lauderdale, FL dental patient describes their story

Patient Dental Story in Fort Lauderdale area

Dr. Yolanda Cintron, dentist of Go Natural Dentistry in Fort Lauderdale, FL, is a biological dentist who takes a holistic approach to treating her patients. By paying close attention to new and developing research, Dr. Yolanda Cintron has been able to assist patients with a wide range of dental concerns. Many patients will share their story with potential patients of Go Natural Dentistry. For many patients, their dental story involves sickness and health issues that were diagnosed with no known cause. One patient, Elizabeth Botta Brandes, started visiting the team at Go Natural Dentistry after she had been diagnosed with … Continue reading

Educate yourself on how to keep a healthy mouth with our Fort Lauderdale, FL professional

Educate Yourself on How to Keep a Healthy Mouth in Fort Lauderdale area

At Go Natural Dentistry, patients of the Fort Lauderdale, FL area have ways to educate themselves on how to keep their mouth healthy. Also, with proper dental care, patients will notice a vast improvement in their body’s overall health and wellness. Many health problems can be caused by conventional dentistry, and now it is more important than ever to pay close attention to dental work being completed and determine how it can impact your body. Metal toxicity Many patients who have dental restorations such as titanium dental implants may want to speak to a holistic dentist about the biocompatibility of … Continue reading

How oral health affects Fort Lauderdale, FL patients’ overall body wellness

How Oral Health Affects Overall Body Wellness in Fort Lauderdale area

Patients in the area of Fort Lauderdale, FL who are interested in achieving beautiful, healthy smiles are encouraged to consider the oral systemic connection that links oral health, gut health, and overall health. Many patients are unaware of how oral health affects the wellness of their entire body. Overall health is more than just living an active lifestyle and eating a good diet with proper nutrition. One’s oral health can be linked together with one’s body through the oral systemic connection. Linking silver amalgam fillings to poor patient health Dr. Yolanda Cintron of Go Natural Dentistry is a biological dentist … Continue reading

Fort Lauderdale, FL dentist describes the perfect way to dental health and wellness

Perfect Way to Dental Wellness in Fort Lauderdale area

Dr. Yolanda Cintron of Fort Lauderdale, FL is a dentist who is committed to helping patients achieve better dental health and wellness. The perfect way to do so is to pay close attention to the dental work being completed by your dentist. Many dentists in the community still use treatments that are not biocompatible or holistic. This can, in turn, cause a variety of problems. Are root canals safe? One procedure that Dr. Yolanda Cintron will educate patients on avoiding is that of root canal therapy. This procedure is often done to address an infected tooth. However, this treatment can … Continue reading

Fort Lauderdale, FL dentist describes how root canals can affect your health

How Root Canals Affect Your Health in Fort Lauderdale area

Fort Lauderdale, FL patients who have undergone root canal therapy in the past may have been doing more harm than good with their oral health and wellness. Many patients are unaware of how root canals affect their overall health and wellbeing. Patients who visit with a biological dentist such as Dr. Yolanda Cintron may learn more about the ways in which these treatments negatively impact one’s health. Do your research Many patients are unaware that their root canal treatments may be making them sick! Dr. Yolanda Cintron encourages patients to take the time to research their treatments to learn about … Continue reading

Is your mouth making you sick? Learn more with our Fort Lauderdale, FL dentist

Is Your Mouth Making You Sick - in Fort Lauderdale FL area

Dr. Yolanda Cintron of Fort Lauderdale, FL is a dedicated holistic and biological dentist who focuses on ensuring patients are taking care of not only their oral health and wellness but also their body! Many dental concerns that develop in the mouth impact the rest of the body. In fact, our practice asks: is your mouth making you sick? One patient’s journey in treating toxicity from the mouth At Go Natural Dentistry, our dentist has heard many stories about the significant impact of oral treatments on one’s overall health and wellness. Take one patient’s story. After a diagnosis of leukemia, … Continue reading

Patients explain their oral health challenges; now a dentist in Fort Lauderdale talks about her journey

Dentist Explain About Oral Health Journey in Fort Lauderdale area

With the knowledge that a single patient’s story can be more meaningful than 1,000 statistics, Go Natural Dentistry loves sharing its patients’ successes and their experiences at the office on this website. But it’s particularly impactful to hear a dentist explain about their oral health journey in Fort Lauderdale FL and elsewhere. Dentists, including Dr. Yolanda Cintron, are not immune to oral health challenges. A model dental patient For more than 30 years, Dr. Cintron has devoted every day to helping others through dentistry. To best serve others, she has made her health a priority. She “walks the walk,” getting … Continue reading

Get back to your best self with oral health goals for 2019 in Fort Lauderdale FL

Oral Health Goals for 2019 in Fort Lauderdale area

We all know what we should do to be healthy; eat well, exercise routinely, love yourself. But Go Natural Dentistry knows no list of “do’s” for a healthy body are complete without mentioning oral health. True transformation starts in the mouth. So, Dr. Cintron and the team encourage you to make oral health goals for 2019 in Fort Lauderdale FL a priority. A consultation with your biological dentist is just the beginning of your journey to better health and a more rewarding, fulfilling life. Detox your mouth, then your diet We hear an awful lot about “detoxification” diets. True detox … Continue reading

It’s time to stop being sick and tired! Visit a biological dentist in Fort Lauderdale FL

Time to Stop Being Sick and Tired Fort Lauderdale area

At Go Natural Dentistry, Dr. Yolanda Cintron and her team see persistent and challenging medical ailments as opportunities – a wake-up call to change your life for the better. It’s time to stop being sick and tired in Fort Lauderdale FL! But why is a local dentist like Dr. Cintron talking about something other than teeth and gums? As a biological dentist, she and her team know quite intimately how teeth are far more than mere “chewing tools” (as important as this function is!). The mouth can be a reason for illness if treatment is neglected. Bacteria, heavy metals, and … Continue reading

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