Fort Lauderdale FL dentist talks about how the root causes of many health problems are rooted in the mouth

Fort Lauderdale Dentist Talks About Root Causes

It’s an epidemic of epic proportions; people suffer for decades, visiting specialist after specialist, yet a diagnosis remains elusive. The only relief these people may get is from a prescription or therapy that “masks” the symptoms. It doesn’t get to the actual cause of these chronic conditions. So, effective treatment remains a mystery. For more than 21 years, Dr. Yolanda Cintron’s patients have benefited from her “biological” approach to dentistry. Here, the Fort Lauderdale dentist talks about the root causes of many health-related complaints and conditions.

Overall health starts with the mouth

We at Go Natural Dentistry have witnessed daily how the root causes of many ailments are related to oral health. Consider this:

  • Heavy metals in the mouth and toxicity related to it take a toll on your immune system.
  • Your body’s natural immunity becomes preoccupied with addressing what it perceives as an attack.
  • This response further weakens your immunity and body.
  • Once the “trigger” is removed — be it a root canal-treated tooth or a mercury amalgam filling – your immune system can heal itself and perform as designed, helping your body successfully defend itself.

When root canal treatment is the root cause

Conventionally, dentists may have recommended root canal therapy to “salvage” a natural tooth that is badly infected or decayed. We may suggest the removal of an infected tooth instead of root canal treatment.

Bacteria can build up in the root canal itself and cause serious health problems. So, the extraction of a root canal-treated tooth may be the only way to effectively address infection or damage. This approach also eliminates the very real possibility of bacteria entering the bloodstream and causing widespread infections, not only to other teeth but also to organs such as the heart and brain. By removing the root canal-treated tooth and replacing it with a healthy restorative option, we eliminate the problem.

A success story

When we first saw 35-year-old “Jane,” she was suffering from a series of health challenges: a severe staph infection, endometriosis, sinus problems, and IBS. Jane began to build up her long medical history after one of her front teeth underwent root canal treatment. The treated tooth looked fine on the X-rays; however, after we removed the tooth, Jane’s biopsy report indicated it was severely infected. Additionally, an abscess developed in her sinuses. With a closer look at the meridian chart, which shows how each tooth corresponds with specific organs, we found the front tooth was connected to none other than her sinus cavity, urinary tract, and ovaries – and she had been suffering from issues with these same organs for more than a decade.

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We “revised” the root canal, killed harmful bacteria with ozone and other biological methods, and healed and restored her mouth to health. Today, Jane leads a happy, healthy life.

Let’s write your success story. We and the team at Go Natural Dentistry look forward to discovering your root cause and unlocking your most fulfilling life. Call (855) 381-6001 to schedule your consultation.

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