Fort Lauderdale biological dentist discusses what to expect with healthy root canal treatment

Root Canal therapy from dentist in Fort Lauderdale

As a biological dentist, Dr. Yolanda Cintron and her team at Go Natural Dentistry always emphasize keeping your mouth healthy and free of the infection that leads to the need for restorative procedures. If teeth become infected, only the healthiest options are recommended. In our Fort Lauderdale FL practice, teeth with infected root canals may be extracted as a long-term way to restore or maintain oral and overall health. This approach represents a departure from conventional root canal therapy offered by dentists who don’t practice biological or holistic dentistry.


Root canals are synonymous with infection. This infection doesn’t occur overnight. It starts with untreated tooth decay or cracks that allow bacteria to penetrate protective enamel. When bacteria reach the tender nerves in the pulp tissue of the tooth, it can cause a serious infection called an abscess. In these types of situations, many standard dental practices may suggest root canal therapy. This approach involves removing infected tissue and cleaning out the canal where that pulp resides. The treated tooth is then covered with a crown to protect the area, effectively saving the natural structure. Biological dentists question this procedure. For starters, root canal therapy can’t save every tooth. If the infection is severe enough, the tooth may still need to be removed. Even after spending significant amounts of money you might be told that it is beyond what root canal treatment can achieve. Then you’re back to square one, and still grappling with the infected tooth!

Infected tooth

As with all procedures, Dr. Cintron will first examine your teeth and gums. She’ll assess the nature and severity of your infection to determine the best approach for you. Extracting the tooth, rather than merely cleaning it, may be preferred for any number of reasons:

  • To avoid the presence of harmful bacteria – root canal treated teeth tend to harbor these microbes.
  • To keep your entire body healthy, knowing oral health is interconnected with overall wellbeing – toxins left behind from root canal therapy can negatively affect your immunity.
  • To prevent harmful bacteria from contributing to several chronic diseases – the infection can spread and enter the bloodstream where it wreaks havoc on cardiac muscles, and other organs.
  • To maintain the health of other teeth – lingering infection from a single treated tooth can damage formerly healthy teeth, leading to the need for more time-consuming, and costly, restorative treatment.

If Dr. Cintron determines you need extraction, as a biological dentist, she and her team go the extra mile to make sure the procedure is gentle, comfortable, and free of complications associated with conventional techniques. She uses advanced tools to speed healing and minimize your risk of developing conditions like dry socket.

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WaterLase laser therapy and plasma rich growth factors perfectly complement extractions and many other dental procedures. Lasers like WaterLase can be used in nearly any way standard scalpels and blades have been used in traditional dentistry, only without the sources of dental anxiety and fear: the sound of the drill, the pressure from dental instruments, and the clinical scents produced as the drill or other conventional tools do. Since the beam of light from the laser can be directed to the treatment area, leaving healthy tissues untouched, treatment is precise. It also minimizes trauma, which generally means fewer side effects and risks of complications, and a recovery that is predictable, efficient, and healthy.

Laser therapy for teeth

PRGF also helps to speed healing and promote a healthy recovery. This substance made from your own blood aids in tissue regeneration, and is placed at the site of your extraction. Traditional techniques have focused on treating and preventing disease; for example, scaling and root planing restore gums damaged by disease but they can’t effectively regenerate bone and soft tissue lost as the result of progressive or damaging conditions. PRGF may also be used for successful implant placement.


Extractions are a common and straightforward procedure that is generally well-tolerated with our gentle approaches, numbing medications, and sedation options tailored to your specific needs. To find out more about the process and tooth replacement options, call (855) 381-6001.

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