Gum Graft at Go Natural Dentistry, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Gum Graft at Go Natural Dentistry, Fort Lauderdale, FL

What is a gum graft?

A soft tissue gum graft may be recommended if patients’ gums have receded and exposed the root of a tooth, or if gum recession is putting patients’ at risk for tooth root exposure. Soft tissue grafting (gum grafting) is a common, predictable treatment that is performed to recreate the gum line and prevent the gums from deteriorating further, at the same time; it enhances the aesthetics of the smile. If you suffer from gum recession, don’t feel alone. Gum recession is a common but serious condition among adults, and it can lead to harmful complications in the future. Gum recession can cause discomfort and pain. When the gum has receded and exposed some of the root of the tooth, it increases the risk of the tooth falling out or sustaining damage. Gum recession also affects the beauty of your smile. If your teeth seem to appear longer, or you feel discomfort or pain at the gumline, it may be symptoms of gum recession. Fortunately, Dr. Cintron is here to help.

Go Natural Dentistry provides advanced gum graft treatments for patients who are suffering from gum recession.

Receding gums can be caused by:

  • Brushing your teeth aggressively
  • Periodontal disease
  • Naturally thin gum tissue
  • Tooth loss in the past
  • Orthodontic treatment in the past

Gum grafting has many benefits

  • Receding gums can be restored with a gum grafting procedure
  • A gum graft can help you avoid the loss of a tooth in the future
  • The procedure can relieve the sensitivity and pain inherent with gum recession
  • Your smile can look natural and beautiful again after treatment
  • Reduce or even prevent sensitivity
  • Protect the tooth roots from decay
  • Create an enhanced smile with gumline symmetry
  • Facilitate successful dental implant placement

What you can expect from a gum grafting procedure

  • Before the procedure, we review pre-operative instructions that should be followed as well as explaining the aspects of the procedure.

The steps might include

  • Local anesthetic to comfortably numb the site
  • The gum tissues will be loosened to facilitate the graft
  • The material for grafting will be placed under the loosened gum tissue and a protective covering applied to stabilize it
  • The area will be sutured, and the stitches will remain from 7 to 21 days

Where is the grafting tissue taken from?

In the past, the grafting procedure required the tissue to be taken from another part of the patient’s mouth, which required more surgery. With the advances in dentistry, grafting materials can be used rather than the patient’s own tissue, eliminating the need for further surgery. During the process of healing, the grafting tissue serves as scaffolding and it is replaced by the patient’s own cells. It leaves only the patient’s own tissue in place.

Dr. Cintron successfully combines Plasma Rich Growth Factors (from the patient’s own blood) with the grafting materials, which creates a positive environment for the patient’s own cells to form new gum tissue.

At Go Natural Dentistry, we provide two types of gum grafts

Soft tissue graft – For this type of grafting procedure, a small amount of the grafting material is placed in the area of recession. This type of procedure augments and restores gum tissue.

Connective tissue graft – For this type of procedure, AlloDerm® regenerative tissue is utilized. It is useful for augmentation around implants, gingival augmentation, and root coverage.

No matter which type of gum graft is chosen, Dr. Cintron provides expert care, the procedure follows strict protocol and it is performed right in our office.

The process

  • First, the doctor numbs the area with local anesthetic. If a patient is anxious, sedation may be requested to alleviate nervousness.
  • After the patient is thoroughly numbed, Dr. Cintron performs the graft and sutures the area of the graft.
  • The gums will heal completely within a few weeks following the treatment. The stitches dissolve and the patient is left with a beautiful, healthy gumline again.

Gum recession doesn’t have to affect your smile, confidence, or health. Dr. Cintron has the compassion and expertise to restore patients’ gums to their naturally beautiful state. Call our office today at (855) 381-6001 if you have questions or you wish to make an appointment. We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your goals for dental health and beauty.