Holistic Dentistry Services at Go Natural Dentistry, Fort Lauderdale FL

Holistic Dentistry at Go Natural Dentistry, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Holistic Dentistry, also known as Biological Dentistry, is focused on improving and protecting the patients’ overall health and wellbeing. Standard dental practices focus solely on the health of the teeth and gums. Dr. Cintron understands the link between the oral cavity and the effects on the entire body. Our holistic dental practice ensures that our procedures and materials are beneficial to improve our patients’ overall health. We constantly seek new knowledge and share it within the community for a global benefit for all. We are all a part of one circle.

We use only biocompatible materials in our dental procedures. We have the capability to check patients’ systemic sensitivity to dental materials through biological testing in order to detect antibodies. Biocompatibility Materials Reactivity Testing (BMRT) is one such method. Our advanced digital X-ray units have lowered patients’ exposure to radiation by 95 percent.

At our practice, we want our patients to feel well and healthy. We treat problems that affect your entire health with our dental services and work to promote a better you. At our practice, we will help you achieve many of your health-related goals. The first step to a healthy life is a healthy mouth. We are excited to take that first step with you.

Some studies have shown possible evidence of Cancer causing potential within fluoridated water. The findings were based on high instances of a type of bone cancer called Osteosarcoma. Consequentially, we have decided to refrain from conducting fluoride treatments in our practice as a precautionary measure.

How does holistic Dentistry work in Go Natural Dentistry? – Dr. Yolanda Cintron

How does holistic Dentistry work in Go Natural Dentistry? – Dr. Yolanda Cintron

What is holistic Dentistry?
Holistic means as a whole. People are not divided by organs and by parts. It is all connected.

What is the holistic approach in dentistry?
Holistic or biological dentistry takes into account all aspects of your body. It believes that any physical, mental, emotional or spiritual changes impacts your body.

How is holistic dentistry applied in your practice?
We have an overall view of a person as a human being, not as parts. We don’t specialize in teeth but see the connection between the teeth, the organs and the actual functioning of the entire body.

To learn more about the holistic dentistry practices we can be reached at (855) 381-6001. Call us and make an appointment to improve your overall health today.

We offer a number of holistic dental services including:

Mercury free dental fillings

The doctor cares deeply about each patient and wants to provide the health benefits of Mercury free dentistry.

We provide only naturally white, biocompatible, fillings that do not contain Mercury Amalgam materials. If you currently have Mercury amalgam fillings in your mouth, we can safely remove them by following our Mercury Amalgam fillings protocol. This will avoid the risk of Mercury exposure and any health problems associated with Mercury exposure. Dr. Cintron combined the recommendations of Dr. Huggins and the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology to develop her own 26-step protocol for safe amalgam removal. She has implemented the use of a dental laser, as well as applying Argentyn 23™ to eliminate the viruses, funguses, and bacteria that grow under Mercury fillings.

Biocompatibility Tests

These tests show your systemic sensitivity to dental materials and allow us to customize treatments using materials that work well with your system.

Tooth Extractions

Our practice is able to reduce surgical healing time by 50 percent by using our advanced Waterlase laser along with Plasma Rich Growth Factor (PGRF) procedure. PGRF is frequently used in orthopedic surgeries and regenerative medicine.

If you want to secure your overall health and avoid harmful chemicals, you will love our practice. Dr.Cintron cares about the entire body. She wants you and your loved ones to enjoy the benefit of total health. Her holistic dental practice provides top quality biological dentistry to each patient. Our dental services are individualized to get the best results possible for every patient.

To learn more about our holistic dentistry practices we can be reached at (855) 381-6001Call us and make an appointment to improve your overall health today.

Holistic Dentistry/Biological Dentist

Holistic Dentistry/Biological Dentist
Holistic means as a whole. People are not divided by organs and by parts. it's all connected. Holistic dentistry or biological dentistry is taking in account that everything in your body physically mentally , emotionally and spiritually, it has an impact on your body. We have an overall view of the person as a human being. We don't specialize in teeth, we see the connection between the teeth, the organs in the actual functioning of the entire body.

Hello my name is Doctor Yolanda Cintron. Welcome to my website. Today we’re going to speak about what makes a dentist a biological dentist and that is a really loaded question because there’s different levels of knowledge. So, a biological dentist can have different levels of knowledge. So, in our practice, what makes our practice a biological dental practice is that not only we consider you know what are the medical issues in general the whole patient as a whole we see the patient not only as a tooth or a jaw we see how is that tooth and his mouth affecting the entire body. So, in our practice we have a lot of modalities to help the patients get whole, from a physical point of view an emotional point of view uh in a physical point of view we have guidelines. So, staying just on the physical realm, what we have to offer are things that are going to detoxify the mouth removing the toxins. Identifying what are the toxins would be the first step. The second step is once we remove the toxins how are we going to regenerate the sites in a biological way either by using plasma regenerating the bone by replacing teeth that are missing with zirconia implants and then the, the, second stage which is very important is how are we going to support the immune system before we see the patient during the treatment like for example using intravenous vitamin C at high dosages biotin glutathione zinc magnesium and other minerals that are going to boost the immune system but also how to teach the patients how to deal with stress. We identify the stress is it mental if it’s physical and then we are going to help the patient develop strategies that are going to reduce the stress levels, for example we do sedation dentistry when we’re treating patients but also, we coach patients into using things like Nucom amino acids like l-theanine and stimulation of Gaba production so I hope that you have fun we have a lot to say about this topic but this is just an introduction for you to learn more in our website. Thank you and I hope that we can help you soon.


Holistic Dentistry Fort Lauderdale - Download Meridian Tooth Chart (PDF)
Meridian Tooth Chart (PDF)