How biological dentistry can change your life from a ravaged jaw to a smiling face

How Biological Dentistry Can Change Your Life from a Ravaged Jaw to a Smiling Face in Fort Lauderdale, FL area

There is no denying that modern conventional and integrative medicine offers truly life-saving therapies and procedures. However, many medical practitioners overlook the importance of oral health in maintaining a patient’s well-being—and how much it can contribute to sickness throughout the body, from psychological impacts to deadly diseases. If you are suffering from oral health problems, biological dentistry can change your life from a ravaged jaw to a smiling face—and much more! Holistic dentist Dr. Yolanda Cintron at Go Natural Dentistry restore not only patients’ smiles, but also their overall health, well-being, and self-confidence.

From diseased and deteriorated to healthy and bright

Patients often come to Go Natural Dentistry desperate for answers and solutions to a variety of health problems. While most people associate dental decay, gum disease, and other conditions of the mouth with a simple lack of brushing and flossing, a number of systemic diseases and modern therapies can lead to the destruction of your oral health. For example, one patient came to Dr. Cintron with a completely ravaged jaw bone and teeth due to the infiltration of Spirochetes bacteria in her jawbone from Lyme disease. To fully treat a patient in this scenario, a biological approach is necessary to completely address all aspects of the dental issue and start the patient on their journey back to health. Simply placing a crown or veneer on a diseased tooth will not do anything to restore health.

Dr. Cintron uses a variety of holistic technologies, materials, and methods to help identify the source of your dental issues and treat them, such as:

  • Taking the time to completely understand your medical and dental history to determine the underlying cause of your symptoms
  • DNA testing to identify any dental materials that are incompatible with your unique body, so they can be avoided during treatments
  • Comprehensive detoxification protocols to help eliminate toxins from your mouth that may be affecting your overall health and contributing to your symptoms
  • Biocompatible materials such as porcelain tooth restorations and zirconia dental implants to repair or replace damaged teeth for both healthy and beautiful results
  • Using therapies such as ozone during treatments that activate your body’s innate healing responses and sanitize the treatment area to facilitate optimal recovery

Achieving a new smile that looks natural and fits your personality is just as important as making your mouth healthy again. The benefits of a beautiful smile that you are confident in can truly boost your self-esteem and transform how others perceive you, which can translate into a whole host of benefits in all aspects of your life.

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Whether you are suffering from tooth decay, gum disease, or other oral health issues that are more difficult to diagnose, Dr. Cintron is here to help. Call Go Natural Dentistry today at (855) 381-6001 to transform your smile—and your life!

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