IV Sedation at Go Natural Dentistry, Fort Lauderdale, FL

IV Sedation at Go Natural Dentistry, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Patients who are apprehensive about seeing their dentist may find they avoid fulfilling their oral health obligations of visiting their dentist at least twice a year for cleanings and examinations. This can be detrimental to one’s oral health. However, when fears of pain, sensitive teeth, needles, or even gag reflexes keep one from seeking dental care, they can find themselves with problems such as periodontal disease and cavities. This is why the team of our practice provides solutions such as sedation, including IV sedation.

IV sedation is a sedative method that allows patients to be completely relaxed and anxiety-free during their dental visit. Sedation medication is administered intravenously and it provides patients with deep relaxation for the entire duration of their dental visits. Patients will feel no pain or anxiety during their procedure and in fact, with IV sedation, may fall asleep and have no memories of the appointment.

IV sedation is a method of sedation typically used for patients with severe anxieties. Other methods of sedation available at Go Natural Dentistry are nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation. They are better for patients with mild to moderate dental anxieties and should be considered in cases such as these. Before patients have dental procedures done, they are welcome to discuss with Dr. Yolanda Cintron the method of sedation that may be best for their specific level of anxieties. It is preferred to go with milder sedative methods before opting for a higher level of sedation.

If you have fears about visiting the dental office and are interested in learning more about IV sedation and the other methods of relaxation available for those at Go Natural Dentistry, contact our practice today to book a consultation visit with Dr. Yolanda Cintron and her team. We are excited to meet new patients in our practice and encourage those who live in and around the area to give our holistic dental practice a try! Many patients love the biocompatible aspect of everything we do to improve the health and beauty of the smile.

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