Get back to your best self with oral health goals for 2019 in Fort Lauderdale FL

Oral Health Goals for 2019 in Fort Lauderdale area

We all know what we should do to be healthy; eat well, exercise routinely, love yourself. But Go Natural Dentistry knows no list of “do’s” for a healthy body are complete without mentioning oral health. True transformation starts in the mouth. So, Dr. Cintron and the team encourage you to make oral health goals for 2019 in Fort Lauderdale FL a priority. A consultation with your biological dentist is just the beginning of your journey to better health and a more rewarding, fulfilling life.

Detox your mouth, then your diet

We hear an awful lot about “detoxification” diets. True detox starts in the mouth. By removing oral toxicity, such as heavy metals from mercury amalgam fillings, you are doing teeth, gums, and the rest of your body a big favor.

Every tooth is associated with an energy meridian that, in turn, connects to a specific organ or system. When a tooth that connects to, say, the heart or intestines, is in good condition, your ticker and GI will be in good working order. Should that tooth become infected or abscessed, cardiovascular and digestive problems may abound. Due to this powerful connection, dental revisions can pinpoint and resolve what decades of mainstream medical treatment may have been unable to accomplish.

In fact, we at Go Natural Dentistry are pleased to see many doctors insist that patients detox their mouths before moving forward with treatment. These doctors know what a challenge mercury amalgam and other sources of oral toxicity can be to successful treatment outcomes. Many of these practitioners refer their patients to Dr. Cintron, knowing that their patients’ dental revisions are in good hands. She uses a range of biological dentistry procedures to get you on the path to better health, including:

  • Mercury-safe filling removal – Safeguards are in place to remove existing amalgam fillings in a way that minimizes mercury exposure.
  • Mercury-free fillings – Amalgam is replaced with dental materials that are customized to your needs, based on the results of biocompatibility testing, which eliminates the risk of adverse allergic reactions and sensitivities.
  • Root canal treatment revisions – Teeth treated with root canal therapy are extracted to eliminate the possibility of bacteria in the root canal spreading to other organs by way of the bloodstream.
  • Ozone therapy, the application of Plasma Rich Growth Factors, and other techniques may also be used to accelerate your body’s natural, exceptional healing capabilities.
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