Oral sedation fits smoothly into a plan of holistic dental care in Lauderdale

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The word “sedate” literally means to induce a state of calm. It would be great if everyone felt that way naturally as a dental appointment drew near. Unfortunately, countless individuals in the Lauderdale area, both men and women of all ages, anticipate dental care with dread. Oral sedation helps these individuals get the treatment they need to start enjoying healthy smiles.

Holistic approach to wellness

To Dr. Yolanda Cintron, you are an entire person – with teeth and a mouth, yes; but also, with a complex body that includes 11 organ systems, bones, and muscles; and a mind and spirit that feel emotions. Holistic dentistry recognizes that all those parts and more are intimately connected. This form of dentistry goes far beyond treating a symptom or fixing a tooth. With any procedure performed, Dr. Cintron considers the effect on you as a whole person.

We often think of ancient alternative medicines or Ayurvedic remedies when we hear the term “holistic.” Indeed, holistic dentistry is often known as natural or biological dentistry. Yet it brings together the best of time-tested healing, conventional dental knowledge, and leading-edge technologies and techniques. They are blended into treatment plans intended to restore oral function and appearance without disrupting the harmony of the body.

So, how could modern sedative medications fit into this philosophy? Perfectly!

Your emotional state before and during treatment has a big influence on the outcome of a dental procedure and how fast you heal. Sedation dentistry puts you in a relaxed frame of mind. It keeps you from unconsciously “fighting” the dentist by clenching jaws or stiffening the spine.

Multiple uses for oral sedation in Lauderdale

Dental anxiety can be truly debilitating. Some people experience it at even the thought of picking up the phone to schedule an appointment. Yet professional dental care is essential to good health. Oral problems can develop even with excellent home care, and they do not go away on their own. A pill taken prior to treatment soothes this very real anxiety. Just knowing that sedation is available helps many people get their oral health back on track. For others, it reverses deep-seated apprehension caused by previous rough treatment in the chair.

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Sedation isn’t only for dental anxiety, though. Dr. Cintron may suggest it for:

  • A physically or emotionally challenged individual who has difficulty sitting comfortably for the duration of an appointment. The doctor works closely with other healthcare providers to be sure there is minimal risk of interaction with other medications and that sedation is not contrary to the patient’s wellbeing.
  • Someone with an active gag reflex. Some people produce a great deal of saliva or have a dramatic reaction with the inside of the mouth is touched. Sedation calms this response.
  • A lengthy procedure. As your mind relaxes, your body follows suit. That lets Dr. Cintron perform her work more gently and efficiently. This low-stress method of treatment reduces jaw strain and stiff neck and back.
  • Convenience. Maybe you cannot miss a lot of work for dental treatment. With oral sedation, Dr. Cintron can schedule multiple procedures on the same day.

What to expect from oral sedation

Happy couple smilling with showing their teethThis medication is in a pill form. It is in the Valium family of drugs, used in this country since the 1960s with an excellent safety record. Simply have the prescription filled, and take a dose about an hour before your appointment. If you are very nervous, the doctor may suggest you take a pill the night before, as well, to ensure healthful rest.

You are conscious during treatment, but relaxed and unconcerned. Most people hardly notice the sights, sounds, and smells in the operatory, and some doze off. In many cases sedation also has an amnesic effect, leaving you with little recollection of the entire visit.

The medication causes drowsiness, so you will need someone to drive you. Grogginess wears off in a few hours, leaving you feeling refreshed. Depending on your procedure, you can probably return to work and normal activities the next day.

Are you ready for dental care that respects you as an entire person, including oral sedation for your emotional wellbeing? Go Natural Dentistry welcomes new patients. Call (855) 381-6001 for an appointment with Dr. Cintron. Patients in the Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Miami, Palm Beach, Plantation, Pompano Beach, and Sunrise area trust her for whole health dentistry.

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