Go Natural Dentistry, Fort Lauderdale, FL offers treatment containing Plasma Rich Growth Factors

Go Natural Dentistry, Fort Lauderdale, FL offers treatment containing Plasma Rich Growth Factors

If you would like a faster recovery after oral surgery, come see us! At Go Natural Dentistry, we offer a treatment containing Plasma Rich Growth Factors (PRGF), which can accelerate a patients’ healing and recovery time.

The field of dentistry has seen tremendous advances in recent years. The new scientific medical knowledge is enabling dental professionals to provide more therapeutic services than ever before. The team at Go Natural Dentistry wants to offer patients the latest advanced technology in soft tissue and bone regeneration: PRGF (Plasma rich growth factors.)

What is PRGF?

When the human body suffers an injury, it will release proteins (cellular signals) that will stimulate the process for repairing an injury. The plasma rich growth factor technique isolates the proteins from the blood plasma. These isolated proteins are the ones that are responsible for tissue regeneration and wound healing. When a therapeutic dose of those proteins is applied to an area, they accelerate the healing process. It is necessary for us to draw a small amount of the patients’ blood to provide this treatment. A centrifuge spinning process enables us to obtain the plasma rich growth factors. We then place the plasma in the area where regeneration or healing of bone or tissue is needed.

How can the plasma rich growth factors contribute to the treatment?

The risk of infection and other post-surgical complications is reduced by the accelerated healing and recovery process. The PRGF promotes quicker healing, limited to no pain or swelling, and a noticeable improvement.

The PRGF process achieves:

  • Regeneration of the bone in implants and post extraction sites
  • Improved osseointegration with dental implant treatment
  • Accelerated healing of wounds and a shorter period of recovery; the tissue heals and regenerates quickly for a faster recovery after dental treatments
  • The risk of infection is lowered. The blood used to obtain the plasma is taken directly from the patient, so the risk of organ rejection or disease transmission is eliminated.
  • The amazing results are achieved through an easy and convenient procedure

This technique is currently used in a number of different medical fields such as general surgery, plastic surgery, ophthalmology, dermatology, burns, traumatology, and oral and maxillofacial surgery, and it is providing remarkable results.

What are the contraindications?

PRGF is the only dental technique that makes use of the pharmacy in the patient’s own body. Its efficacy and safety have been proven in over 10,000 patients across various fields of medicine. The process is essentially an autograft because it uses the patients’ own proteins, and those are the proteins responsible for accomplishing and accelerating the body’s repair process.

Most patients are good candidates for the PRGF procedure, and it is especially recommended for individuals who have difficulty healing or those who need bone regeneration to be stimulated, as is the case with diabetics and smokers.

With the PRGF technique, we can stimulate growth of the bone after surgery while accelerating recovery at the same time.

Schedule an appointment at Go Natural Dentistry to determine if PRGF can help you recover from dental treatments faster.

Plasma Rich Growth Factor

Plasma Rich Growth Factor

Hi I’m Doctor Yolanda Cintron. Welcome to my webpage for plasma reach growth factor. I was fascinated uh over 20 years ago when I started learning about plasma rich growth factor. I went to this course with a doctor that came from Spain and they have been doing plasma rich growth regeneration for over 40 years. I was fascinated when he was explaining that plasma is used in Europe on diabetic patients. My family on my father’s side most of them died from a diabetes related disease, being that they did not heal properly after a surgery. They were not benefited by the fact that plasma risk growth factor was not used in the wound. So, when he said that in his country they use the plasma and they inject the plasma on diabetic patients with Kangarin and that would reverse the Kangarin he got my attention because i knew exactly what that meant. So, I flew into Spain and I took a course about how to produce the plasma and how to use it for dental you know applications. I am fascinated and I would not do surgery without because these are the benefits. First of all, you will not have inflammation. It would reduce the pain if at all you would have no pain and it would accelerate the healing of the surgical site. Now nowadays you hear it in plastic surgery people are using for you know rejuvenation of skin and other things but it is absolutely fascinating how there is healing in your blood their healing and it’s fantastic and if you’re going to get a surgical procedure don’t do it without plasma. Thank you and have fun.