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Removal of mercury fillings, Fort Lauderdale holistic practice a perfect match for this happy patient

Removal of Mercury Fillings in Fort Lauderdale area

Through the years, Dr. Yolanda Cintron and her team have shared many special occasions with the patients who frequently tell them that they feel like an extended part of the Go Natural Dentistry family. In Chanda’s case, she and her husband of just a few hours visited Dr. Cintron after exchanging nuptials at the courthouse. Chanda’s concerns over her mercury-based fillings could no longer wait. Like her husband, Paul, Chanda said the visit with Dr. Cintron ended up being a “match made in heaven.” Chanda knew Dr. Cintron was an authority in the field and, moreover, was committed to the removal of mercury fillings in Fort Lauderdale FL, from an office that was equally as committed to other healthy practices (such as the cosmetic, infection-fighting “rehab” of root canal-treated teeth).

An experience like no other – the tale of a happy patient

The traditional offices visited by Chanda and other patients have long promoted the use of amalgam or silver-colored fillings that contain more mercury than any other metal. A known toxin, mercury floods patients’ systems every time they bite down. Likewise, dentists have traditionally treated badly damaged teeth with root canal therapy; however, what these offices are doing is actually holding on to a “dead” tooth whose center, nourishing pulp is no longer viable. These commonly accepted materials and treatments are associated with hundreds of different symptoms and medical conditions that are far removed from the oral cavity.

As a travel consultant specializing in wellness vacations (and pursuing her nutritionist certification), Chanda knew the health dangers within her mouth. She also knew it would require a lot of work to get her mouth back into shape. But the newlywed also had some trepidation about “how” the Go Natural Dentistry team would go about restoring that health. Dr. Cintron and the entire team instantly put her at ease. She never felt intimidated, nor like there would be unwanted “surprises.” Twice, Chanda said, the dentist devoted an entire day to her. The patient who was so leery about what was in store for her teeth, actually looked forward to every dental visit!

A healthy smile, Chanda’s best wedding gift

Later in the year, Chanda and her husband renewed their wedding vows. This time, they exchanged vows while surrounded by friends and family, in a more “traditional” setting on the beach instead of at the county courthouse. But, Chanda said, the biggest difference in her nuptials was her smile – it glowed.

In search of a dentist who acknowledges you as a whole person, not just a set of teeth and gums? Dr. Cintron and Go Natural Dentistry may just be your perfect match. Call (855) 381-6001 to schedule an appointment at the Fort Lauderdale office.

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