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Hello my name is Doctor Yolanda Cintron and today we are going to choose a topic that is really interesting and I want for you to learn about meridians and how are they related to you. So, in our website we have an application that is called the meridians and you can click right into it and every meridian every part of your body is connected to other parts of the body. So, when you’re a fetus you are you know 32 buds and you’re going to be developing from your feet up like this it’s going to be from the feet up, all the way to the brain so believe it or not we love pedicures because when somebody is stimulating our feet they’re actually stimulating all the acupuncture points in other organs. So, we have western medicine and eastern medicine. They are experts on easter medicine about the connection and it’s fascinating how you can actually learn about your body and learn about the functioning of your organs just by learning about meridians. Now as a dentist, i know that the teeth are connected to different organs for example the meridians that are connected to the front teeth the uppers and the lower front four, four, four, they are all connected to very important organs like your reproductive organs, the prostate the ovaries the kidneys and the urinary tract ducts. So, if you’re having a health issue and you’re interested in finding out the connection between your teeth and your organs go to our website and you can go and press on the different teeth and see how things are related. I hope that you find this interesting and hope to meet you soon thank you.


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