Save your teeth, restore the beauty of your smile: Natural treatment of gingival recession in Fort Lauderdale

Save Your Teeth, Restore the Beauty of Your Smile: Natural Treatment of Gingival Recession in Fort Lauderdale Area

Treatment of gingival recession in Fort Lauderdale at Go Natural Dentistry is like procedures at our office to treat other oral conditions. Options for gum grafting recommended by cosmetic and biological dentist Dr. Yolanda Cintron:

  • Support natural healing
  • Are compatible with natural tissues
  • Preserve maximum tissue
  • Require minimal alteration of tissue
  • Facilitate fast reconstruction of supportive tissues
  • Use advanced materials and techniques, including those that are autologous (derived from your body)

The problem with gingival recession

Healthy gums wrap snugly around your teeth like a cuff. These soft tissues hold your teeth in place. Gums can recede or pull away from the teeth. Gum disease is the most common cause of receding gums. However, aging, wear and tear from overzealous brushing, teeth-grinding, misalignment, and orthodontic treatment may be to blame. If gingival recession is present, you may notice:

  • Teeth look longer than they used to – Of course, the teeth are not growing. The gums are just pulling away, which exposes more of the tooth. Your smile may no longer look as balanced and symmetrical as it once did.
  • Symptoms of root exposure – Gums may pull away so much that the roots and nerves of the teeth are exposed. This process is associated with increased tooth sensitivity, especially when cold, hot, or sweet drinks and foods are consumed. Because the teeth no longer have adequate protection from gum tissue, you may also notice lingering pain, tenderness and swelling, and the tooth itself may appear discolored.

Without prompt and effective treatment, gum recession and root exposure can give rise to a severe form of periodontal disease: periodontitis. Advanced gum disease is a leading cause of tooth loss. Periodontitis is also associated with bone loss in the jaw. To prevent these and other complications, Dr. Cintron may recommend gum grafting. Additionally, grafting may be necessary to “prepare” a potential site for implant placement. Sufficient tissues must be available to provide sustained stability to the implant and overlying restoration.

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Treatment with natural gum grafting

Grafting generally refers to the placement of a material in an area that has sustained the loss of tissue. The grafted material builds up tissues, and aids in healing and tissue regeneration at the site. Traditionally, tissue might be taken from one part of the mouth and transferred or grafted at the gumline. Often, the donor tissue would come from the roof of your mouth or palate. This technique created two wounds. Dr. Cintron’s approaches minimize trauma to oral tissues. Her process is well-tolerated, requiring no more than local anesthetic to numb the site and sedation (if nervous patients want it). As a biological dentist with keen knowledge of and experience with advanced techniques and technologies, Dr. Cintron is happy to also offer:

  • AlloDerm — A biocompatible material in use since the 1990s for burn patients, AlloDerm™ is placed within a small pocket and stabilized with dissolvable sutures. As treated gum tissues heal, the AlloDerm™ integrates with natural gum tissue. In turn, it serves as a “scaffold” for new cells and promotes healthy and efficient regeneration.
  • PRGF – Platelet Rich in Growth Factors is derived from a sample of your own blood. PRGF is the liquid part of the blood, enriched with proteins that aid in regenerating gum tissues. When applied to the treatment site, it safely and predictably rebuilds tissues lost as the result of disease or mechanical trauma.

Restore the attractive aesthetics of your smile. Prevent extensive damage to your teeth, gums, and oral health. Chew food comfortably again. Find out what options may be best to rebuild the healthy function and beauty of your smile. Contact us to schedule your consultation.

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