Will Veneers Near Me in Fort Lauderdale FL Help Receding Gums?

Veneers Near in Fort Lauderdale FL

Veneers are versatile. They cover chips as effortlessly as they reshape teeth that don’t blend in with the rest of the smile. Due to the many cosmetic concerns these thin layers of porcelain can repair, you may be wondering, “Will Veneers Near Me in Fort Lauderdale FL Help Receding Gums?”

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Gums that recede can cause dark, triangular spaces at the gum line. Just as porcelain veneers fill gaps between teeth, they can fill these spaces. They also cover areas where teeth roots are exposed. This isn’t an elective task; it’s necessary, because otherwise wear gets worse, and exposed tooth roots promote decay that requires more costly and extensive restorative treatment.

As such, veneers can prevent oral health and functional complications. Most importantly, we need to understand why gums are receding in the first place. As attractive as veneers are, this restorative procedure has its limitations:

  • Veneers don’t stop tissue from retreating and making your teeth look longer and out-of-proportion with the rest of your smile.
  • For this reason, Dr. Cintron always evaluates the health of your teeth and gums before moving forward with any treatment.
  • Veneers are only appropriate on healthy teeth.

Gum grafting may be recommended first. This process recreates and restores natural tissues. Conventionally, grafts involved taking tissue from other parts of your mouth and transplanting it to the gum-line. Advanced grafting materials and techniques minimize the time you spend in the treatment chair by using biocompatible grafts that serve as scaffolding for your own cells, regenerating natural tissues. In addition to the cosmetic benefits, grafting alone or in combination with veneers has the added benefit of relieving symptoms such as sensitivity and pain at the gum line.

Sometimes, failure to graft or build up the gums beforehand can give your smile an overly toothy appearance.

Treatment plans are as unique as you are. Call (855) 381-6001 to schedule an appointment at Go Natural Dentistry.

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