At Go Natural Dentistry, we believe our patients deserve the very best in expert care, customer service, and technology. In our office, we care about patients’ overall health and we want to be a part of ensuring they live a long and healthy life. An important part of the care we provide is the technology used in our practice.

At Go Natural Dentistry, we are proud to provide a wide range of technological marvels that help us provide the most advanced care for our patients.

CT Scan, Go Natural Dentistry

3D CT Scan

These scans are used to produce precise and thorough imaging and data to assist in accurate diagnosis and planning. The scans facilitate many procedures, including dental implant placement. Dr. Cintron utilizes CT scans in diagnoses, treatments, and post-operative exams.

Amalgam Separator, Go Natural Dentistry

Amalgam Separator

After amalgam fillings have been removed, the doctor uses an H5 amalgam separator to dispose of Mercury-laden silver amalgam fillings. This keeps the amalgam particles trapped, preventing them from being released into the environment.

X-Rays,  Go Natural Dentistry

Digital X-rays

We reduce the radiation our patients are exposed compared to traditional X-ray films. Digital X-rays enhance diagnosis by allowing us to see the patient’s teeth clearly and better find any potential problems. The sooner a problem is found, the easier it is to treat conservatively.

KaVo DIAGNOdent Laser

 The DIAGNOdent enables us to see hidden cavities and treat them while they are small, preventing further decay.

Pro Select –This therapy system enables us to effectively prevent and treat periodontal disease. Pro Select’s 3-step approach uses a combination of ultrasonics, medicaments, and subgingival irrigation with heat.

Waterlase Laser

Waterlase uses laser energized water rather than a traditional dental drill. It is more precise, convenient, comfortable, and it is quieter. The Waterlase device does not generate the heat, pressure, or vibration of a dental drill, so treatments can be performed with less anesthetic.

Dr. Cintron invests heavily in the latest proven technology to provide even better and more effective care for her patients. Call us today to learn more about our technology.

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