Fort Lauderdale dentist – Can dental crowns cause bad breath?

The natural-looking dental crowns by Dr. Cintron

The natural-looking and functioning restorations placed by Dr. Cintron are meant to be low-maintenance, but that doesn’t mean no maintenance. Just like your natural teeth, there is a level of care required with even the most no-hassle restorative options, to keep your smile looking, feeling, and working at its best. So, the question of “Can dental crowns cause bad breath? comes down to this: dental crowns in Fort Lauderdale, and elsewhere, don’t on their own cause halitosis. But they can contribute to the development of nasty breath and an accompanying foul taste.

Bad breath after crown placement?

Even consistent brushers and flossers may skimp on proper techniques. Make sure your crowns are thoroughly cleaned at the gum line. Bacteria love to feed off the food that gets lodged between the crown and gums. The bacteria are responsible for bad breath, not the crown itself. Some types of crowns, such as the pontic or replacement tooth in a multi-unit bridge, do require a little bit of extra TLC. Dr. Cintron may recommend special types of flossing aids or interdental brushes that allow you to get up under the bridge for adequate oral hygiene.

Other dental-related causes of bad breath include:

  • Dry mouth – A natural cleanser, saliva removes the food particles that contribute to foul odors.
  • Gum disease – A significant cause of persistent halitosis and bad taste, this progressive condition can be reversed in its earlier stages.
  • Mouth sores or infections – These problems can arise after oral procedures, and abscesses are associated with a foul taste.
  • Worn crowns – If restorations no longer fit as they once did, they’re susceptible to odor-causing bacteria.

Sometimes habits like tooth grinding can also cause crowns to wear before their time.

Let’s get to the root of bad breath

Your crown isn’t always to blame. By identifying the cause, we can relieve embarrassing symptoms while also correcting or preventing other problems along the way. Call (855) 381-6001 to free your mouth of halitosis and, depending on your needs, get a healthier and improved-looking smile! Go Natural Dentistry looks forward to seeing you.

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