Five ways heavy metals affect the mind; how a natural dentist in Fort Lauderdale, FL supports brain health

Five ways of How Heavy Metals Affect the Brain in Fort Lauderdale Florida Area

Dental amalgams aren’t the only materials that expose you to small amounts of toxic heavy metals; however, this combination of metals used to make silver-colored fillings represents a prominent source of exposure in dentistry. One day of exposure isn’t damaging. But, with amalgam fillings, the exposure is constant. After all, the material is present in your mouth. The cumulative effect is alarming; it can wreak havoc on your organs. 

Considering how heavy metals affect the brain is essential, as these wide-ranging effects can damage everything from your relationships to your performance at work. Go Natural Dentistry in Fort Lauderdale, FL helps you avoid the following life-altering conditions because we avoid the use of toxic metals: 

  • Destroys brain cells — As a known neurotoxin, metals break through the protective blood-brain barrier, where the resulting stress and inflammation kills off brain and nerve cells. 
  • Harms learning and memory – Researchers found adults with heavy metals exposure have significant impairment in verbal intelligence, the ability to pick up new skills, and long-term memory. 
  • Elevates mood disturbances – Exposure to mercury in the likes of amalgam or “silver” fillings is associated with wide swings in mood, irritability, anxiety, and depression. 
  • Impaired coordination – Heavy metals can interfere with your ability to complete daily tasks and the hobbies and activities that make life so rewarding. Deterioration in fine motor skills is linked to the destruction of nerve cells. Mercury exposure, for instance, is associated with muscle weakness, delayed development of motor skills among younger children, and a decline in function when doing things like writing or texting. 
  • “Ages” your brain – It is normal to have some changes in cognitive function as we get older; however, exposure to heavy metals accelerates this process. You may experience distressing, early erosion of language skills and critical thinking due to chronic inflammation and oxidative stress.

Our techniques protect your brain and the rest of you! We also help those with metals exposure to get back on the right path with safe and healthy removal of amalgams and detoxification products and processes. Do not delay reaching out to us at (855) 381-6001. So, you can feel, look and, yes, think better. Your mind is a beautiful thing, and we intend to partner with you to protect it. 

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