Fort Lauderdale, FL dentist describes how root canals can affect your health

How Root Canals Affect Your Health in Fort Lauderdale area

Fort Lauderdale, FL patients who have undergone root canal therapy in the past may have been doing more harm than good with their oral health and wellness. Many patients are unaware of how root canals affect their overall health and wellbeing. Patients who visit with a biological dentist such as Dr. Yolanda Cintron may learn more about the ways in which these treatments negatively impact one’s health.

Do your research

Many patients are unaware that their root canal treatments may be making them sick! Dr. Yolanda Cintron encourages patients to take the time to research their treatments to learn about the negatives and positives of each. While traditional dentists will recommend root canal therapy, as it can maintain the natural tooth and eliminate the need for extraction and replacement, a biological dentist will encourage a patient to avoid this treatment at all costs.

What is done during a root canal?

Root canal treatment is essentially a form of embalming a tooth that has been infected to leave it in the mouth and avoid extraction. However, research continues to show the link between patients who have had root canal therapy and those who have been diagnosed with cancer. In fact, one oncologist has thoroughly researched this and has found that 97% of the patients who have been diagnosed with cancer in his practice had also had root canal surgery in the past. The doctor also found a connection between the tooth that was treated with root canal therapy and the area where cancer manifested.

Don’t let dental procedures impact your health

Schedule a visit with Dr. Yolanda Cintron at Go Natural Dentistry to learn more. Patients in the community of Fort Lauderdale, FL who are interested in working with a dental professional with experience and expertise in the area of holistic and biological dentistry, are invited to request a consultation appointment with Dr. Yolanda Cintron and her team. Call (855) 381-6001 to speak to the front office team regarding your first visit at the practice. The office is located at 2021 East Commercial Boulevard, Suite #208, and is accepting new patients and families.

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