Safe, gentle dental care with laser treatment in Fort Lauderdale

Medical and dental applications of laser technology are not new.

Dr. Cintron and the team of Go Natural Dentistry, which is located in Fort Lauderdale, are committed to providing you with the highest standard of care, using the healthiest, most natural, most conservative techniques possible. That is why our office is equipped with state-of-the art dental lasers, enabling gentle, healthy, precise treatment.

About lasers

There is a virtually endless variety of types of lasers, and they are used for everything from office printers to military weaponry to medical equipment. What all these devices have in common is that they work with intense light beams, of specific wavelengths. This technology is so versatile because light energy is versatile. Each wavelength reacts differently with various materials, even within the human body.

There are several types of lasers used in dentistry:

  • Hard tissue lasers – These devices generally take the place of a traditional drill. They are capable of removing or cutting bone and tooth material. Hard tissue lasers may be used to prepare teeth for restoration or during oral surgeries.
  • Soft tissue lasers – These lasers serve the same purpose as a scalpel. They may be used for cosmetic or therapeutic gum surgery, frenectomy, or other oral surgery.
  • Noninvasive cosmetic lasers – Not all lasers remove tissue. Some simply remove stains! Laser teeth whitening, and laser gum bleaching, are fast, comfortable, in-office procedures that can brighten your smile in a matter of minutes.


The safety of lasers in dentistry

Medical and dental applications of laser technology are not new. The first functioning laser device was introduced to the public in 1960, and within a few years it was being used for heart surgery, dental treatment, and more. By the end of the 1980s, laser devices were being designed specifically for dentistry.

With decades of clinical use and scientific research, dental lasers have become a cornerstone of modern dental practice. Like drills and scalpels, they are certainly capable of causing injury if in the wrong hands. However, when used by skilled professionals, dental lasers have a stellar record of safety. Additionally, they offer unique health and safety benefits that traditional implements do not.

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  • Lasers typically have single-use tips or non-contact application, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.
  • Laser energy kills bacteria on contact, which helps combat gum disease and reduces the risk of post-surgical infection.
  • Soft tissue lasers cauterize the surgical wound, eliminating the need for stitches.
  • The precision of a drill is limited by the size of the burr, often requiring healthy tooth material to be removed. A laser is a tiny beam of light, capable of sculpting the tooth with exacting precision, allowing maximum preservation of natural tooth structure.
  • Traditional gum surgery is performed with a scalpel, which causes micro-tearing and other minor tissue damage along the incision. Because this does not occur with laser surgery, the recovery period is faster and more comfortable.


What to expect

For many common procedures, laser dental treatment is very similar to traditional techniques. For example, if you need a filling, the steps in the procedure and the total appointment time will be approximately the same whether a drill or laser is used. What will be different is your experience while the tooth is prepared.

  • Unlike dental drills, lasers do not cause uncomfortable vibration, pressure, or heat.
  • Depending on the procedure, you might not need an anesthetic at all, or you might need a reduced dosage.
  • During laser treatments you may need to wear eye protection due to the intensity of light.
  • When lasers are used for gum revision or other oral surgery, the recovery time is faster and more comfortable than scalpel-based procedures.

For many common procedures, laser dental treatment is very similar to traditional techniques. If you have any questions about laser therapy, or any other aspect of dental care, you are encouraged to ask. Our practice is patient-centric, and individual attention is included in every treatment. We begin with an examination and consultation, including an in-depth discussion with the patient. Dr. Cintron and her team want to understand your concerns, help you understand your options, and work together to create a unique treatment plant that is customized just for you.

Your healthiest and most beautiful smile is just a phone call away. Contact us at (855) 381-6001 and arrange a consultation to discover a different kind of dental care.

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