Is IV sedation right for your dental care in Fort Lauderdale, FL?

Sedation Dental Care Fort Lauderdale FL

Dr. Cintron and the team at Go Natural Dentistry in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, make every effort to ensure that patients feel comfortable and welcome. Gentle treatment techniques, a caring staff, and home-like environment allow many people to feel at ease in our office. Yet, for some, that is not enough.

An estimated 15 percent of Americans suffer from some form of dental anxiety, and they may find it impossible to relax without the help of sedation. In severe cases, patients can’t even bear the thought of receiving dental care in a non-sedated state. We offer a full range of sedative options, to meet the individual needs of our patients.

Are you a candidate for IV sedation?

Your safety and wellbeing are always our top priority. Prior to arranging treatment, we will review your medical history and discuss your options. Be sure to tell your dentist if you have any drug allergies. Also mention any prescription or over the counter medications that you currently take. This information is important for choosing the best and safest sedative options for you.

During the consultation, your dentist will also discuss various sedation options.

  • Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is gently relaxing and mild with no lingering effects. It is an excellent choice for low-anxiety patients, and those who need to drive home after treatment.
  • Oral sedation is stronger than nitrous. The medication is typically taken a few hours before treatment, so it will have time to take full effect. This is a good option for high-anxiety patients, those who need help relaxing before the appointment, and those who dislike needles.
  • IV sedation is the strongest option, leaving patients with minimal awareness or memory of the procedure. It is a good choice for people with severe anxiety.

There are several different sedative medications that can be delivered intravenously,

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The benefits of IV sedation

The benefits of iv sedation

  • Fast acting – Because the medication is delivered directly into your bloodstream, it begins to take effect almost immediately. That means your stress can fade away in the blink of an eye.
  • Keep control – You may feel relaxed, groggy, or sleepy during treatment. However, you will remain conscious, able to breathe for yourself, and in full control of your bodily functions.
  • Optimal dosage – The level of sedation can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the dosage. Prior to treatment, we begin with a smaller dosage and increase it gradually until you reach your ideal comfort level. During treatment, the dosage can be increased if needed.
  • Lose the stress – IV delivery provides a higher level of sedation than inhaled or oral options. It is ideal for patients with dental fear, as well as those who suffer from claustrophobia or other problems that make dental visits extremely stressful.
  • Save time – Sometimes, patients choose IV sedation for reasons other than anxiety. If you need a lot of dental work, but prefer fewer appointments, this may be a good solution. Sedation lessens your awareness of the passage of time. It also helps muscles stay relaxed, reducing the dental chair fatigue that some people experience after lengthy appointments.
  • Forget about it – Medications used in IV sedation have a very common, and very welcome side effect. Most patients experience some degree of amnesia relating to events while the drug is active. That means you might not remember much, if any, of your appointment.

What you need to know before IV sedation

Benefits of IV sedation dental care in Fort Lauderdale, FL

  • It takes several hours for the sedation to wear off, so you will not be able to drive yourself home. Arrange transportation, as well as someone who can assist you for the first few hours after you get home.
  • Avoid eating or drinking for a few hours prior to treatment. You will be given specific instructions, based on your appointment time and the type of medication – please follow them closely.
  • Don’t smoke for at least 12 hours before treatment and avoid alcoholic beverages the day before your appointment.
  • On the day of your appointment, don’t wear fingernail polish, lipstick, or facial makeup.
  • Once you are back home, be sure to stay hydrated and follow any post-treatment instructions provided by your dentist.

If dental care makes you nervous, it’s okay. You can truly relax in our office. Call Go Natural Dentistry at (855) 381-6001 and schedule a consultation to find out if IV sedation or another option is right for you.

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