Reclaim a stunning smile for life, with veneers for discolored, worn, or gapped teeth in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Veneers for Discolored Teeth at Go Natural Dentistry in Fort Lauderdale Area

Archaeologists have found ceramic statuettes at prehistoric sites dating back almost 30,000 years! So, what does that have to do with dentistry? Well, it has an awful lot to do with the durability and beauty of much of the dental work Dr. Yolanda Cintron performs at Go Natural Dentistry. Porcelain is renowned for its beauty. Yet, porcelain and other ceramics are surprisingly strong, as seen on ancient pottery and other goods that have survived the ages. Modern dental ceramics ideally replicate the natural appearance of tooth structure and withstand the forces from chewing, grinding, and biting food. Porcelain veneers for discolored teeth in Fort Lauderdale, FL, at the office of Dr. Cintron are easy to care for, long-lasting, and lifelike-appearing alternative to teeth whitening methods.

These materials and techniques also do what can’t be accomplished with whitening alone; the veneers process is versatile. Veneers may be designed, fabricated, and bonded to the front surfaces of natural, prepared tooth enamel to not only “cover up” badly stained or very yellow teeth, but also to:

  • Camouflage chips and other signs of “wear and tear”
  • Create the appearance of a longer tooth, adding height to worn-down teeth, or to those teeth that don’t look uniform compared to the rest of the smile
  • Reshape a tooth with an unusual or uneven appearance
  • Cover up gaps
  • Address other spacing issues, which don’t require more extensive orthodontic care

In turn, porcelain veneers are a great value because they are designed with materials and techniques to hold up over the long haul. Additionally, they can provide many different types of “fixes” all in one type of treatment. Veneers also represent the least invasive way for patients with very stained or deeply discolored teeth to get the smile of their dreams. Depending on the nature of the stains, discolored teeth may not respond to teeth whitening methods. Dr. Cintron will evaluate your teeth and discuss the best alternative with you, which may include either her super-fast laser whitening or restorations such as porcelain veneers or crowns.

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Regardless of the treatment that is suited to your needs and goals, Go Natural Dentistry uses only safe, non-toxic, biocompatible, and biological materials, tools, technologies, and techniques to reveal your most stunning and healthy smile. Call (855) 381-6001 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Cintron at the Fort Lauderdale, FL office.

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