Why you should choose non-metal zirconia teeth implants at Fort Lauderdale, FL biological practice

Metal Zirconia Teeth Implants at Fort Lauderdale, Fl Area

As the seventh-largest metro area in the country, there are some 2,000 dentists to choose from for dental implants in Greater Miami; however, not all of these dentists are equipped to offer a truly biocompatible and aesthetically-pleasing solution for your tooth replacement needs. Dr. Yolanda Cintron is a biological dentist, which means that she offers metal-free alternatives to the limited options available at other dentists’ offices in southeast Florida. Notably, Dr. Cintron is also trained and experienced in preparing and placing non-metal zirconia teeth implants at the Fort Lauderdale FL office of Go Natural Dentistry. Many other dentists in and around Fort Lauderdale do not have the training and equipment required to successfully place implants; they refer their patients to unfamiliar specialists, which adds to the cost and hassle of replacing missing or damaged teeth.

No-stress process

As you may know, dental implants are an important part of what is a superior form of tooth replacement. We say “part,” because each implant replaces a tooth root – not the crown or part of the tooth everyone sees above the gumline. The crown is placed on top of the implant and joined with a abutment piece.

All of the associated aesthetic and functional benefits stem from this notion; implant-supported teeth are designed like natural teeth, from the root up, for the ultimate stability that leads to comfort, hassle-free care, efficient chewing, clear speech, and an attractive smile that exudes confidence!

Just as not all crowns are made from the same materials, there are different types of implants. Most of the time, when other dental practices refer to implants, they are talking about artificial tooth roots that are made from titanium. While titanium is lightweight and strong, it is still a metal. Dr. Cintron and Go Natural Dentistry know there is a better way to replicate the natural tooth roots: zirconia.

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Tooth replacement, without the risk

Zirconia is a type of dental ceramic, not metal. As a non-metal alternative to titanium, zirconia implants are a safe way for patients with metal allergies and sensitivities to replace missing or failing teeth. Go Natural Dentistry patients also appreciate that the implant is tooth colored. So, as gums recede or bone thins, zirconia implant-supported crowns retain their beauty. Titanium is gray or silver in color; as tissues erode over time, patients may notice a dark line around their teeth. This discoloration is the titanium implant peeking through the gums! Since the color of zirconia mimics the natural color of your teeth, crowns supported by ceramic implants keep your smile looking beautiful and healthy! And zirconia implants are, simply, healthier! At Go Natural Dentistry, Dr. Cintron places a special type of Zirkolith® implant manufactured by Z-Systems. These proprietary implants are proven to:

  • Resist corrosion – Unlike titanium, particles are not released into the body as the metal deteriorates with the passage of time.
  • Be compatible with surrounding tissues – Zirkolith® implants have clinically demonstrated low rates of adhesion of bacterial plaque, which is the leading cause of advanced gum disease.
  • Promote better overall health – Since Zirkolith® “lives in harmony” with the rest of the body once it is placed in your jawbone, implants made from this material support enhanced health and wellbeing; periodontitis, for instance, increases the risk of developing chronic respiratory and cardiovascular conditions by at least two-fold.

Advanced ceramic systems are a welcome triumph in the world of implant dentistry. For a biological approach to tooth replacement, call (855) 381-6001 to book an appointment with Dr. Cintron at Go Natural Dentistry of Fort Lauderdale, FL.

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